Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Surprise...April Fool's!!

Admit it. You fell prey to one of the oldest tricks in the book today, didn't you?? If you did, you're in good company. My team plotted and executed one of the best pranks of All-Time today...All-Time (test drive it in your roughest Warner Wolf voice).

Ok, so you got played worse than a U.S. Open golf course today, don't fret. I'm beginning to wonder if being the beneficiary of a well-planned April Fool's joke means something. Something good, actually. My team left me high and dry at the office this AM - each person chronologically sending messages (starting at 7:10) with believable reasons to be absent. An hour and a half later, my worst nightmare had come true - flying solo in Suite 2 at 1215 S. Sam Houston Blvd! After 15 minutes of dampening the armpits of my shirt, I heard the backdoor open. Flying around the corner (thinking I didn't get the door shut while in distress) only to find four ladies laughing themselves into a sidestitch.

Emerging through the numerous emotions from the prank came my resolution; maybe if you're on the receiving end of an April Fool's joke, someone cares for you. That being said, come April 1st, 2010 - BEWARE. It's fair to say I'll be delivering a shock like a surcharge at a formerly surcharge-free ATM. All in the name of love...